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· 2 min read
Pawel Sawicki

Google Cloud Logo

UfoCourier is the go-to platform for people who want to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones by sending packages and goods, even if they live in faraway or hard-to-reach places.

As UfoCourier, we are taking on the challenge of addressing the cross-border issues involved.

Today, we have a great partner on our side: Google has accepted us into the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This enables us to provide our services worldwide, scalable, secure and highly available.

By using Google's location-based services, we are now able to determine your shipping and delivery locations even more accurately and reliably, no matter how small, remote or otherwise difficult to locate.

By providing computing power, the Google Cloud enables us to apply strong algorithms to our real-time space-time scheduling, so that the carriers on our platform always take a near-optimal route and accept only those jobs that make economic sense for them.

Last but not least, by providing a secure and highly available infrastructure, the Google Cloud allows our users, whether broadcasters or carriers, to always have the best user experience.

Where other services let you down, UfoCourier, now powered by the Google Cloud, is always there for you.

We as UfoCourier are looking forward to welcome you on our platform soon.

· One min read
Nataliia Medvedenko

Our Mentor - Mali M. Baum

We are glad to meet our mentor - Mali M. Baum.

Mali is a serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor and community leader, Podcaster Mali Talkshow.

She is a key person in shaping Female Founders Future and opportunities at the Startups Ecosystem in Berlin/Germany and Europe founded one of the biggest and the most significant network and community, WLOUNGE for startups, VCs, and corporates supporting Female founders and diverse teams. Mali is an active expert and Jury at the European Commission EIC, and connecting the tech ecosystem together for economic growth and success stories.

It's a pleasure for us to have a mentor like Mali. We are confident that under her leadership, our UfoCourier startup will quickly gain momentum and with her advice and guidance we will be able to bring our idea to life.

· One min read
Oksana Sawicka
Pawel Sawicki

Nataliia, Oksana and Pawel from UfoCourier at the SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator

Congratulations and welcome to UfoCourier, Nataliia

Our company is growing and changing every day and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride. We’re all going to grow together here, and we look forward to it!

We hope you’ll speak up, push us to new heights and share your thoughts. That’s what helps us grow!

UfoCourier - let's grow together!

· One min read
Oksana Sawicka

Oksana and Pawel from UfoCourier at the SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator

We are really excited to be accepted to SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator 2022/23!

The SIBB Deep Tech Startup Accelerator supports early stage tech projects in product development, market entry & startup formation and we are happy to become a part of this amazing network, meet incredible mentors and take our UfoCourier to the next level.

Over the next 8 months, we will be working together on startup development support to prepare for launching our business idea and grow.

Stay tuned to track what's happening with UfoCourier! Let’s the journey begin!

· One min read
Pawel Sawicki

Pawel from UfoCourier and Erfan from Spotliked at Startupnight

Today I was a guest at Startupnight in Berlin, accompanied by Husna Korani and Erfan Nazmehr (here in the picture on the right), the founders of Spotliked.

Husna and Erfan, a great and strong team, shared with me some insights into the workings of their startup. As part of the SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator, they introduced it to me.

The Startupnight turned out to be a great event for me to meet investors, but especially emerging startups.

I'm already looking forward to next year, when UfoCourier will be in the spotlight 🚀

· One min read
Oksana Sawicka
Pawel Sawicki


Today is a special day. Today our work on our idea UfoCourier was "officially" started.

UfoCourier is a platform for sending packages or giving rides by independent drivers, even to the most remote places. With our platform anyone can be a courier.

The idea for the platform came from personal need. Thousands and millions of Ukrainians living abroad want to send packages to family back home. However, with the use of established logistics service providers, this is a costly and lengthy process. A number of individual drivers have recognized this and are already offering rides, organized through social networks.

We would like to offer the above groups a platform from which everyone involved can benefit without restricting them.

Oksana, experienced in business and with special insights into the logistics industry will be our CEO and Pawel, experienced software developer and consultant will be our CTO.