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· One min read
Oksana Sawicka
Pawel Sawicki


Today is a special day. Today our work on our idea UfoCourier was "officially" started.

UfoCourier is a platform for sending packages or giving rides by independent drivers, even to the most remote places. With our platform anyone can be a courier.

The idea for the platform came from personal need. Thousands and millions of Ukrainians living abroad want to send packages to family back home. However, with the use of established logistics service providers, this is a costly and lengthy process. A number of individual drivers have recognized this and are already offering rides, organized through social networks.

We would like to offer the above groups a platform from which everyone involved can benefit without restricting them.

Oksana, experienced in business and with special insights into the logistics industry will be our CEO and Pawel, experienced software developer and consultant will be our CTO.